Double Pocket Belt

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Double Pocket SPIbelt - featuring two separate expandable pockets. The bigger pocket can expand to hold larger smartphones including the iPhone®11 Plus, and Galaxy Note S10 Plus! The smaller pocket expands to hold keys, money, ID, even an inhaler. Whether on a run, walking, or just on the go you will never have to worry about not having room to fit what you need with the Double-Pocket SPIbelt.

  • Bounce-free

  • Expandable, secure, low-profile pockets

  • Comfortable, soft elastic prevents chafing

  • Sturdy buckle and glides for even the most active users

  • Large pocket expands to 8 x 4 x 2″

  • Small pocket expands to 3 x 3 x 2″

  • Fits waist size 29″ through 47″

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