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Leaping Fish

Leaping Fish Triathletes Skin & Suit Lube 60g

Leaping Fish Triathletes Skin & Suit Lube 60g

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Triathletes Skin & Suit Lube is a blend of natural oils and waxes to help prevent rubbing in wetsuits, sores from saddle contact during bike sections and friction blisters in shoes on the run to the finish. The specially chosen oils gives this blend a high slip factor helping wet suit release during transitions. The essential oils' natural qualities help prevent infections and bacterial build-up. Unlike petroleum based products this Skin and Suit Lube allows your skin to breathe and the light layer of waxes prevents the by-products of sweat further irritating your skin.

Leaping Fish's Skin & Suit Lube protects the skin from abrasion and friction. with the oils and waxes keeping your skin supple and moisturised. Use it on any part where the wetsuit and skin develop chafing - apply to tight areas such as forearms and wrists to help with swift wetsuit release.

Leaping Fish's products are environmentally-friendly and made in the UK from premium ingredients, and have a low transport footprint compared to imported alternatives.

Leaping Fish balms are natural products - avoid contamination with water which can cause the balms to deteriorate. Balms may become soft in warm weather so keep them cool and store below 25oc. Always test on a small area before use and stop using if you have a reaction to the product.

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, Soya wax, Glycerine, Avocado Oil with Geranium, Citronella and Tea Tree essential oils

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