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Upper Body Workout Programme

Upper Body Workout Programme

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Approximately 30 minute workout that can be done at home or in a gym. All you need for this is some dumbbells. Ideally one set that are lighter and another set that are heavier.

In this workout you will focus on upper body, specifically the shoulders and arms, but also a good amount of work is done by the abdominal muscles. Making this a good general purpose workout. But if you are a swimmer or cyclists, then this is going to really help you.

The obvious S&C workout for a cyclist would be legs. But i reality you are already training your legs through your cycling plan. This workout helps you stay in a slippery aero position for longer by developing the key muscle groups that cyclists often neglect to train but are vital to being able to hold a pre-longed aero position with stable hips for the waist to work against. 

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