Coffee Recovery Smoothie

Coffee Recovery Smoothie

Not everyone uses “recover” drinks, but for those of you that do then I thought you might appreciate this super simple smoothie idea! Found via those fab chaps at Tailwind UK…

This is hands-down the simplest Coffee Rebuild Recovery Smoothie you can make, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. Ready in under a minute, very few ingredients required!



  1. Toss everything in your blender and pulse until ice is thoroughly crushed. 
  2. Enjoy within an hour of exercise!

Supplemental Ideas

From this simple base, feel free to spruce up or substitute to your heart’s content. Here are a few of our favourite additions and substitutions:

  • Use dairy or non-dairy milk in place of water for added creaminess. I tried Oatmilk and that worked pretty well.
  • Add a scoop of nut butter (peanut butter to you and me I think!) for more protein and thickness
  • Top with whipped cream (for obvious reasons)
  • I experimented with throwing in some strawberries and that seemed to go well

Ultimately it is super easy and tastes nice… So enjoy it!

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