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Finish Line

Finish Line KryTech Wax Chain Lube

Finish Line KryTech Wax Chain Lube

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  • The ideal lube for when you want maximum cleanliness

  • KryTech's advanced formula uses Krytox lubricating film, DuPont's most advanced lubrication technology, which bonds to metal parts

  • Paraffin wax will dry completely, and is then shed from the chain during use, taking with it surface grime

  • The addition of Molybdenum improves load bearing ability, and extends re-lubrication intervals

  • Dry formula gets into moving parts but does not form an abrasive paste by attracting dirt and grime

  • Bottle features narrow nozzle to direct lube accurately onto parts

  • For chains, cables, pedals and derailleur's

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