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Leaping Fish

Leaping Fish Skin salve with Arnica for contact sports 60g

Leaping Fish Skin salve with Arnica for contact sports 60g

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Leaping Fish Universal Sports Skin Salve is suitable for all sports and acivities where your skin can suffer from impact or direct contact which leads to bruising or strains and sprains. As with all our balms, we have created a blend of plant waxes, oils and essential oils to help skin recover after exercise - our Universal Sports Skin Salve contains Arnica, Sea Buckthorn Oil and essential oils of Juniper, Turmeric, Cajeput and Black Pepper.

Helping your skin and muscles to recover following the knocks and injuires that come from training and competition will get you back to your best as quickly as possible. Swelling and bruising can be sore and uncomfortable and take time to mend, so the application of Universal Sports Skin Salve can help to promote your bodies response to injury and minimise the time spent with an injury.  Suitable for all contact sports, Universal Sports Skin Salve should be applied after an injury, and daily to help recovery.

Universal Sports Skin Salve is easily absorbed by the skin, and so we use the minimum number of ingredients necessary - there are no chemicals, water, parabens or petroleum products in any of our skin balm products.

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