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Endurance Running Belt

Endurance Running Belt

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Just like the Performance series, this belt is perfect for marathon runners because of its elastic loops – combined with a thicker band to allow for more stability. The SPIbelt® Endurance Series is stable for heavier loads, holsters for energy gels, adjustable race bib toggle, reflective trim for increased visibility, and water-resistant lining, which adds an extra level of protection over our Original SPIbelt. We have recently expanded that pocket-size on this product to be more significant to accommodate phones like the iPhone® 11 Plus, iPhone X, and Samsung® Note S10 Plus.


  • Bounce-free

  • 6 loops for energy gels

  • Reflective trim

  • Attached toggles to hold race number bib

  • Weather-resistant lining

  • Pocket expands to 7.5×3.5×2″

  • Fits waist size 29″ through 40″

IMPORTANT: This product is not waterproof. Items may be exposed to moisture. We recommend the use of a Loksak re-sealable bag if using with electronics or other small personal items that must remain dry. We suggest turning off electronics to prevent internal heat and moisture build-up.

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